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In 2010 I envisioned Unexpected with one purpose only: to create a company that would enable organizations to bring out the best from their most valuable asset: their people.

I’ve always believed that human energy is the most constructive and destructive of all forces and the best businesses are those that manage both successfully. Unlearning is crucial for the act of rebuilding ourselves, to grasp new concepts, to grasp the future. This was the concept that inspired, and changed me, when I first crossed paths with Design Thinking. To develop the know-how to channel the talent and energy of each individual, of each department, that is the biggest challenge businesses will face in the 21st century, so they are able to adapt, cease to be victims of change and design their own future.

Unexpected was created to help people become free, more autonomous, more themselves. If the future of business is related with individual art and talent, then the organizations need to be places where free expression is fostered and the talent developed. People can and should work to be happy, to be able to bring the best of what they are to the workplace. But, for that to happen, culture and behavior need to change, and it’s a change that can take months, even years and only through insightful learning, giving life to the brand’s values and objectives, and preparing leaders and followers to deal with the unexpected.

Unexpected changes the way individuals live, think, and feel their work. Our contribution is to improve the well-being of individuals, and business results, because both are not incompatible, quite the opposite, they are two sides of the same coin. Passion is not a cause, it’s an effect!

Lúcio Lampreia.

Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me (…)


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We help people and organisations all over the world change faster and more successfully

Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.

William James


the unexpected way

The unexpected way

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We use training and coaching to develop people’s skills so they feel more capable and prepared to deal successfully with change and work demands.




We challenge the constraining beliefs that stop people and organisations from realising their full potential and design the life they want.


We give people tools to approach their work in new ways helping them overcome the challenges of the future.



Because design isn't just about creating cool stuff. It's also about creating a cool life.

4 steps to change. Our way.



Performance is ultimately limited by the beliefs. If you don’t change that, nothing happens.

Gary Hamel

The labor market has changed


Before they change you

Mude is about how you can fit in the new work context


A book by Lúcio Lampreia (unexpected founder) with Ana Serra’s design, presents solutions, studies, techniques, insights, for change. It shows you what to do with your CV (you can start by throwing it into the trash can), how to create your own pitch, how to impose your online presence, how to think globally (because the neighborhood is not enough anymore) and how to live in a network. Summing up, it tells you what you can do now with all your talent in the company you’re currently working, in the one you want to go to, or in your own company.
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Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.

John Maxwell

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Lúcio Lampreia


    Lucio Lampreia

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      Those who make change happen. The most interesting people are those who make a difference, the unexpected ones. We are always looking for our next best partner. Can you peel apples while riding a unicycle citing Nietzsche? Try us. Join us in leading the revolution that people want but just don’t know yet.

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      1. A unexpected faz este mês 5 anos. Estamos de parabéns, pois sabemos que apenas uma percentagem muito reduzida de empresas chega a esta idade. Estamos mais fortes, mais desenvolvidos e mais unexpected também. Neste importante momento, fiz uma lista das aprendizagens mais importantes deste caminho, que agora partilho convosco. Espero […]

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